Friday, May 22, 2009

Junior Ski to Sea Race

Getting instructions on the 3 Legged race.

The team: Tyler, Ryan, Derek, Emily, Emily and McKenna

Soccer Season!!

Taylor sending one up.

Emily taking it down the field.

Family over for Easter

Henry and Brianna laughing it up.

Nick looking sly.

Brianna giving Uncle Steve bunny ears.

Steve, Emily, Taylor, Henry (under the hat) and Anthony hanging on the couch.

Brianna, Luciana and Shawn waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

Emily lovin' on Mom.


Coloring Easter eggs the night before.

Tay's favorite.

Emily's best.

Taylor and Emily found their baskets after following directions from clues Steve left them.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas Concerts

Here are some pictures of both concerts. They had been postponed due to weather so they actually performed in January after the break. This was Taylor's first choir concert. Emily was chosen to introduce her class and the songs they were singing. Both were great! (Had trouble with camera in the gym so I didn't get a whole lot that turned out.)

Polar Bear Plunge!

Here we all are in the van trying to stay warm before the plunge. Then Steve, Taylor, Emily and Henry got out to get used to the cold before they went in. Not looking too thrilled are they?

They did it again but this time they had Henry and Emily join them. It was all over in 30 seconds. They dove in, ran back on shore for their towels and then we hopped in the van and headed home. There was not only snow on the ground but it was actually snowing on our way out there. Brave/crazy people!

Christmas Morning

We spent Christmas Eve at Steve's parents house and Christmas afternoon at my Dad's house.
Here are the girls on Christmas morning at home. Here's Taylor opening her scooter and Emi opening her watch. (As you can tell, the hugging picture was a little hard for them.)